Welcome to the 2022 NCK Season

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2022 has been the most difficult calendar to put together yet! 
This year our club has faced several difficulties, but the BOD is excited to announce the season schedule and a fantastic new partnership which has made this all possible! 
The Difficulties:
  • 2021 track fees increased by circa 30% a trend set to continue….
  • Track demand is high
  • 2021 participation indicated a slight decline due to understandable covid exposure mitigation
  • Some innovative approaches have been required to avoid substantial race fees
  • Competitors have failed to declare and pay for wristbands for friends and family costing the club a significant insurance deficit across the year – It is understood that is easily missed when everyone is busy with preparation and having a good time at the track but circa 30 people at each event really adds up! 
The Solutions:
  • An exciting new partnership with a new California Legends group – sharing track time and costs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legends_car_racing
  • An exciting new arrive and drive partnership with Aluminos Racing:
    • Non-Shifter $1100
    • Shifter $1200
    • This includes the supply of a race prepared kart, fuel, new tires, and trackside support! Literally turn up and race! Tell your friends! (advance booking with Rob required to avoid disappointment, these seats are already filling up) - www.aluminos.com
  • Everyone now gets two wristbands for friends and family included in the entry fee.
  • The high demand at our usual circuits has encouraged us to look elsewhere for some exciting new venues:
The following race dates for 2022 are now confirmed:
  • Feb 26 - “The Rumble” at Thunderhill West
  • July 3 - “Battle of the Streets” Streets of Willows at Willow Springs. (New Pavement)
  • Aug 13 - “Summer Challenge” at Buttonwillow
  • Oct 1- 2 - “NCK Shoot Out” at Thunderhil East
  • We are looking to secure a venue for a spring race still.
2022 Entry Fee’s 
  • NCK Membership $135 allows you to run for season points, awards and early registration savings.
  • Early registration $390 this is “All You Can Race” members only! Members can save $60 by entering early!
  • Late registration $450 for “All You Can Race” in the final two weeks before an event
  • All Drivers will get 1 driver pass and 2 pit passes included with entry  
All members are encouraged to sign up for membership to retain your favorite kart numbers ASAP.
A revised race schedule is set to be released. 
To accommodate our new Legends run groups we need 4 run groups. 
You will get:
1 30 min practice/qualify run per group
2 each 20 min races for the day. 
The schedule will be released very soon! Keep an eye out for updates via email and the NCK Facebook page and website.
Important reminder!
As a reminder Helmets must be updated for 2022 below is the current regulations Head Gear: Full coverage (full face) helmets designed for competitive motorsports use are mandatory and must comply with one of the following: 
CMS 2007 (youth helmet) 12/20/19
CMR 2007 (youth helmet) 12/20/19
M 2010 12/20/2021 Not approved for Champ Karts
SA/K 2010 12/20/2021
CM 2016 12/20/2026
K 2015 12/20/2026
M 2015 12/20/2026 Not approved for Champ Karts
SA 2015 12/20/2026
Note: All models of Snell 2000 and 2005 Helmets are no longer legal.
SFI Specifications Legal Until
24.1/2010 (youth helmet) 12/20/2021
31.1/2010 12/20/2021
41.1/2010 12/20/2021 Not approved for Champ karts
24.1/2013 (youth helmet) 12/20/2024
31.1/2013 12/20/2024
41.1/2013 12/20/2024 Not approved for Champ karts
Note: All models of SFI specification helmets prior to 2010 are no longer
As always feel free to contact me with all your questions directly or through Facebook!

Mark Morrison NCK President

Event Registration

Registration is open for the "Summer Challenge" at Buttonwillow Raceway on Aug 13.  It will close on Aug 10 at 11:59 PM.


It's All About the Tracks

Northern California Karters Club uses and accesses some of the best racetracks in California. While the name Northern reflects the original location at the time of the club establishment 10+ years ago. The fact is that our series uses tracks based all over our great state.